Week 13 April 23rd -29th

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages, 11 hours attended

This week was my last jam packed week full of fun events before our final meeting net Monday. The week started out right away with Family Arts Day on Sunday. It was a really fun day where people from the community could come in to make and witness art. The event started early in the morning, and the first event was one that many people hung around the most. We had a linoleum printing set up. Kids were able to make marks on styrofoam rectangles while adults could use carving materials in linoleum. A little while later we started a music and singing event where people were taught to dance and sing simultaneously to the song happy birthday. It was very fun and a bit of a work out but there wasn't many attendies, possibly due to it happening very early in the morning. After this there was a beatboxing artist who described what he did and talked about how he started. Then gave examples to the families. After this there was a very cute performance involving balloons. Kids watched as a performer, Emily, talked like an evil witch that tried to make people and creatures and encouraged to make creatures out of balloons so that she could offer them candy and possibly pop them if they said no. She was very eccentric and the kids loved both the performance but especially the interactiveness of the piece. Over all it was a very jam packed day full of fun events. 

On Monday we had our weekly meeting to discuss further events and go over what was need both as set up and as supplies.

Friday and Saturday was the big event days for there show Up & Out. This show was dedicated to Queer and Trans people showing works by queer and trans artists. As part of Fridays showing IA held a fashion show where anyone could sign up to watch or to walk. It was a fun and freeing event where people could be themselves and express that to the audience. Saturday was a bit longer day still showcasing art but also giving people a fun chance to use fabrics to embroider and make other crafts.

Week 12 April 16th-22nd

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages, 4.5 hours attended

This week was a very fun and packed week for Intermedia Arts. Mondays meeting was the longest one yet as we went over everything that IA was doing. As usual it was very fun to see how Sami, Kevin and Michael all organized things together, but it was even more fun because there were more things for me to participate in coming up. We discussed all future events as I took notes of things I found interesting, and of things I thought I could be helpful in. At the end of the meeting I went over where I thought I could be of some help and we discussed as a group some roles I could play.

The next event I was apart of took place on the following Wednesday. A group of high school students came in for a tour. This was event more eventful because the teachers brought it to our attention that this school was located in a rather conservative suburb and they want to bring them in to open them to more concepts and challenge their views a little. I thought it was an extremely eventful and really just great opportunity for both the school and the artists participating. The students were given some time to look at what art IA was displaying at the time, revolving around social classes and then were presented a rather risqué video about peoples of America being Historically robbed. Although not every student took their time at Intermedia seriously I think it was a great foot in the door for many of them.

My next event will be the coming Sunday for Intermedia's Family Arts Day!

Week 11 April 9th-15th

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages Aimed Toward Middle School and High School, 1.5 hours attended.

This week we had a really great and informative meeting of events coming up. Not only was it fun because I got to hear the opportunities coming up, both as events that I could help but also as great opportunities for youth in the area. But I also was able to sit in while they discussed the nitty gritty of everything. It was very interesting to hear everything everything they took care of and what were things that they needed and got to do as apart of their job and as apart of this community organizer. I loved learning about how they took care of catering, getting supplies for people in their events, created flyers and dispersed them. Even though I don't get as many opportunities to participate as I did at Urban Arts Academy, I think Intermedia Arts provides me with great information on how run a business like Intermedia Arts.

Week 10 April 2nd- 8th

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages

I went in on Monday looking forward to hearing what Intermedia Arts would be up to this week, and if I would be able to participate in any upcoming events. Unfortunately when I arrived Sammy informed me that the meeting was canceled because Kevin and Michael needed to be elsewhere. They unfortunately had nothing to inform me of and so I left, while letting them know that if there was anything before our next meeting that they needed from me, they could just to shoot me an email and I would gladly help. Unfortunately it does not appear that I will have any opportunities this week but I am looking forward to see what is in store next Monday. Instead I have been focusing, this week, on my school work as the Minneapolis College of Art and Design Spring Semester starts to come to a close. 

Week 9 February 26th- April 1st

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages aimed toward Middle School and High School, 4 hours attended.

This week I met with Sammy to discuss how the event later in the day would be like and how I could help. We also discussed future events and how I could continue to help with them during my time with Intermedia Arts. That night was very unique and fun to experience. People were able to step up to the stage and preform how ever and what ever they would like to. Apparently this time around there were much less people than usual, but that made the event seem very personal, and made the audience connect more with each performance. It was great to see this event and how Intermedia Arts organizes and works together.

I think in the setting provided people were able to really open their mind and appreciate other peoples art in a very accepting environment. People there were very diverse, and made viewing the different artistic mediums very interesting. I am excited to see what future events I get to help with, and having our next meeting again next Monday.  

Week 8 March 12th- 18th

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages- aimed toward Middle school and High School, 30 minutes attended.

This week I met with Michael again to go over specific events for me to participate in and find a time for me to come in regularly. It was concluded that I was to come in on there weekly meeting they had every Monday to discuss near future events that needed preparation, and through these meeting I could also find more events that I can help with as I spend my time here. I was also introduced to Kevin and Sammie, who are in charge of the youth organization and would also be in on the meetings organizing events and letting me know the ways in which I can help.

Through this meeting we determined my continual appearance on Mondays, and that next Monday during the meeting I would get a fill in on an event happening that night that I could participate and help coordinate in. That night they will hold an event called Open Stages in which youths are encouraged to come and speak freely on stage of whatever their choosing as long as there is not hate speech. I am very much looking forward to this event and seeing what creative things will be demonstrated, and what my role will be while I am there.

Until then..


Week 7 March 5th-11th

Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages- Aimed toward Middle and High School, 30 minutes attended

This week I went to Intermedia Arts to meet with Michael Hay to see if interning there would be a possibility for both Intermedia Arts and I would be a mutually benefitial experience. The meeting was very great, I was given a tour of the building. Although I had been there in the past I had not seen, or even heard of many of the things, and opportunities they had to offer. Intermedia Arts is a place with many activities going on. I was excited that, similarly with Urban Arts Academy, they too focused on creating a stronger community through art. Michael explainged many of the events Intermedia held throughout the year and what key evets would be happening during my time there.

I am very excited about this opportunity. We discussed how I could be a help to Intermedia Arts and how they would like my participation in events that would give me the most out of the time I had had to offer.

We made a plan to discuss over email when to next meet and find a time where I could come in regularly.

Week 6 February 26th- March 4th

Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd- 4th Grade, 5 hours attended.

This week was great as we finished up our projects. I was excited to hear that many of the kids had not moved on during the week, while I am not at UAA, and many of them were excited when they saw the supplies I had brought out again for them. The beginning of the day was a little tricky unfortunately due to some of the kids being disrespectful to one another, but it slowly got better throughout the day as we continued our project and continued learning African Drumming. 

It has been tricky to get the students to understand when they do something wrong. I think many people have trouble understanding what is the right way to communicate when something happens. Anytime a situation happens I take it as an opportunity to learn by listening to how Rosey handles the situation. I feel very respected at UAA, being able to help in situations as well.

Even though there were some ups and downs during the day, the students were still able to make great pieces of work and it seemed like they had a lot of fun. I could tell I was making an impact when the students would ask me questions about how to make curtain things. I look forward to the future projects I will get to do with students and hope I get to start pushing their creativity and knowledge as I continue as a Teaching Artist. 


Week 5 February 19th-25th

Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd-4th Grade, 5 hours attended

This week was exciting as I introduced my first lesson plan with these students. The day was a little packed for the students but they seemed to like our project and want to continue working on it. We started off the day outside on the play ground, which is always a good way to get the kids energy out and get them ready for a new project inside. We didn't have much time between being outside and needing to go and learn more African Drum Circle, so in between I introduced my lesson plan and let them get started. Drumming went very well as well, more kids participated that usual, and more seemed enthusiastic to continue compared to before. Afterwards we went back to the classroom and continued our project as the kids started to get picked up.

It was so great seeing the kids learn so much this week. It really shows how they learn more when they are enjoying what they are doing. They took ahold of my project very well and created so many things. And in drumming the kids were picking up the rhythm faster and more enthusiastically.

This week has really showed me how important it is to give students the create freedom they want. But it was also important for me to know where the limits are so kids know when it is time for fun and when it is time to try hard.


Week 4 February 5th- 11th

Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, Grades 2nd-4th, 5 hours attended

This week I communicated with Rosey about my lesson plan that I would be doing the follow next two weeks. 

Week 3 January 29th- February 4th

Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd-4th Graders, 5 hours attended

We started off our day with the students in the gym to help get some energy out after their long day in school. Afterward we went into the classroom for a little for the kids to continue working of an art project the teacher had introduced on a previous day. The kids who participated were making houses out of cardboard and other fun materials that they would put together to look like a town. If the students didn't want to take part in the art project they were allowed to play and do other things with one another in the classroom. This week the students also continued working with a visiting artist learning about African Drum Circles and Dancing. Although many of the students participated very well some were not so excited and the visiting artist ended up having to discuss with the kids why it is important to pay attention sometimes. Although this speech needing to be said was a difficult thing I found that it was handled very well by the visiting artist. Many of the kids listen and understood what he was saying. One student even said that she agreed that they all should pay attention because if one student misbehaves then it makes everyone, especially those excited and learning, fall behind, and get in trouble with them. The artist handle the situation very well and it gave me insight that no matter what or who you are to students it is important that you feel comfortable confronting them when it is needed, and handling it responsibly. Because of this event it was clear to the teacher that the students were drained and we continued the day playing in the classroom. 

I've noticed that this is an age group were the kids are not fully aware at times of the people around them but it amazing to see how quickly they learn and realize how their actions affect others. Sometimes when  Rosey or I will bring to the attention of students that an incident may have not been intentional, and we will teach them something that they may have not previously thought about. It is exciting to see them the rest of the day thinking a little harder about what to get upset about. I feel this week has brought to my attention a better understanding of students and their behaviors and how to handle situations in the future.

Week 2 January 22nd- 28th

Urban Arts Academy, Rosie Lowe, 2nd-4th Graders, 5 hours

This week the students learned about African Drum Circles and Dancing. They practiced with a teacher to learn some rhythms and dances that they will continue to practice together and present to there parents later in the school year. 

Students were given the opportunity to not only learn music but also learn about the unique types of instruments used in African Drum Circles. Many students showed enthusiasm towards the challenge of keeping up with the teacher. It was amazing to see them progress within moments.

It was great to see how the teacher was able to motivate every student, singling them out in some moments to help them, all the while maintaining a large group project. I hope this is something I can learn to adapt during my teaching career.

Week 1 January 8th-21st

Success Beyond the Classroom, Jenny Stice, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students, 12 hours attended.

This class taught its students about the Coral Reef, and how many are dying due to climate change and pollution. We did this with a short presentation, and then allowing the kids to make sculptures of their choosing in relation to the coral reef, made out of found objects, that would otherwise be thrown away and contributed to pollution.

Many kids really took away what was trying to be taught. I saw most students leave with was a better understanding the coral reef and multi-use materials. Many kids shared with me or others around them what they were making which often related to the new information that Jenny had presented them, and afterwards understood how the materials related to the project by sharing their thoughts with the class.

While working here I wondered how well students would work and understand materials during an out of school experience. I found that it gave students a chance to break from their bubbles a bit, learning new material in a friendly, creative environment. I think this is something important to the away from my experience, trying to create lessons that don't feel like homework but instead something educational but fun and creative, so students will want to hold onto the information they are learning.

Urban Arts Academy, Rosie, 2nd 3rd and 4th graders, 5 hours attended

Urban Arts Academy has Preschool, Afterschool, and Summer Arts programs dedicated to providing educational experiences through the arts.

This was a very relaxed environments where the kids had the choice of participating in multiple things in the classroom. Main learning activities during this class were interacting with other kids, and learning through  art projects.

It was interesting to see how fast little kids develop their social skill while interacting with one another and their teacher. I think that is one of the most important aspects of a public education. This week students were also given the choice of participating in an art activity. Although it did not serve as a scholastic educational project I think it did help student understand how materials work, which I saw through questions asked and experiments taken during the project. 

While I was there I wondered what the kids thought of their routine during the day. After seeing how wonderfully they reacted with their teacher, I hope to take bring into all of my Teaching Artist adventures some sort of positive connection with the students.