Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages, 4.5 hours attended

This week was a very fun and packed week for Intermedia Arts. Mondays meeting was the longest one yet as we went over everything that IA was doing. As usual it was very fun to see how Sami, Kevin and Michael all organized things together, but it was even more fun because there were more things for me to participate in coming up. We discussed all future events as I took notes of things I found interesting, and of things I thought I could be helpful in. At the end of the meeting I went over where I thought I could be of some help and we discussed as a group some roles I could play.

The next event I was apart of took place on the following Wednesday. A group of high school students came in for a tour. This was event more eventful because the teachers brought it to our attention that this school was located in a rather conservative suburb and they want to bring them in to open them to more concepts and challenge their views a little. I thought it was an extremely eventful and really just great opportunity for both the school and the artists participating. The students were given some time to look at what art IA was displaying at the time, revolving around social classes and then were presented a rather risqué video about peoples of America being Historically robbed. Although not every student took their time at Intermedia seriously I think it was a great foot in the door for many of them.

My next event will be the coming Sunday for Intermedia's Family Arts Day!