Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages, 11 hours attended

This week was my last jam packed week full of fun events before our final meeting net Monday. The week started out right away with Family Arts Day on Sunday. It was a really fun day where people from the community could come in to make and witness art. The event started early in the morning, and the first event was one that many people hung around the most. We had a linoleum printing set up. Kids were able to make marks on styrofoam rectangles while adults could use carving materials in linoleum. A little while later we started a music and singing event where people were taught to dance and sing simultaneously to the song happy birthday. It was very fun and a bit of a work out but there wasn't many attendies, possibly due to it happening very early in the morning. After this there was a beatboxing artist who described what he did and talked about how he started. Then gave examples to the families. After this there was a very cute performance involving balloons. Kids watched as a performer, Emily, talked like an evil witch that tried to make people and creatures and encouraged to make creatures out of balloons so that she could offer them candy and possibly pop them if they said no. She was very eccentric and the kids loved both the performance but especially the interactiveness of the piece. Over all it was a very jam packed day full of fun events. 

On Monday we had our weekly meeting to discuss further events and go over what was need both as set up and as supplies.

Friday and Saturday was the big event days for there show Up & Out. This show was dedicated to Queer and Trans people showing works by queer and trans artists. As part of Fridays showing IA held a fashion show where anyone could sign up to watch or to walk. It was a fun and freeing event where people could be themselves and express that to the audience. Saturday was a bit longer day still showcasing art but also giving people a fun chance to use fabrics to embroider and make other crafts.