Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages Aimed Toward Middle School and High School, 1.5 hours attended.

This week we had a really great and informative meeting of events coming up. Not only was it fun because I got to hear the opportunities coming up, both as events that I could help but also as great opportunities for youth in the area. But I also was able to sit in while they discussed the nitty gritty of everything. It was very interesting to hear everything everything they took care of and what were things that they needed and got to do as apart of their job and as apart of this community organizer. I loved learning about how they took care of catering, getting supplies for people in their events, created flyers and dispersed them. Even though I don't get as many opportunities to participate as I did at Urban Arts Academy, I think Intermedia Arts provides me with great information on how run a business like Intermedia Arts.