Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages aimed toward Middle School and High School, 4 hours attended.

This week I met with Sammy to discuss how the event later in the day would be like and how I could help. We also discussed future events and how I could continue to help with them during my time with Intermedia Arts. That night was very unique and fun to experience. People were able to step up to the stage and preform how ever and what ever they would like to. Apparently this time around there were much less people than usual, but that made the event seem very personal, and made the audience connect more with each performance. It was great to see this event and how Intermedia Arts organizes and works together.

I think in the setting provided people were able to really open their mind and appreciate other peoples art in a very accepting environment. People there were very diverse, and made viewing the different artistic mediums very interesting. I am excited to see what future events I get to help with, and having our next meeting again next Monday.