Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd-4th Graders, 5 hours attended

We started off our day with the students in the gym to help get some energy out after their long day in school. Afterward we went into the classroom for a little for the kids to continue working of an art project the teacher had introduced on a previous day. The kids who participated were making houses out of cardboard and other fun materials that they would put together to look like a town. If the students didn't want to take part in the art project they were allowed to play and do other things with one another in the classroom. This week the students also continued working with a visiting artist learning about African Drum Circles and Dancing. Although many of the students participated very well some were not so excited and the visiting artist ended up having to discuss with the kids why it is important to pay attention sometimes. Although this speech needing to be said was a difficult thing I found that it was handled very well by the visiting artist. Many of the kids listen and understood what he was saying. One student even said that she agreed that they all should pay attention because if one student misbehaves then it makes everyone, especially those excited and learning, fall behind, and get in trouble with them. The artist handle the situation very well and it gave me insight that no matter what or who you are to students it is important that you feel comfortable confronting them when it is needed, and handling it responsibly. Because of this event it was clear to the teacher that the students were drained and we continued the day playing in the classroom. 

I've noticed that this is an age group were the kids are not fully aware at times of the people around them but it amazing to see how quickly they learn and realize how their actions affect others. Sometimes when  Rosey or I will bring to the attention of students that an incident may have not been intentional, and we will teach them something that they may have not previously thought about. It is exciting to see them the rest of the day thinking a little harder about what to get upset about. I feel this week has brought to my attention a better understanding of students and their behaviors and how to handle situations in the future.