Intermedia Arts, Michael Hay, All Ages- aimed toward Middle school and High School, 30 minutes attended.

This week I met with Michael again to go over specific events for me to participate in and find a time for me to come in regularly. It was concluded that I was to come in on there weekly meeting they had every Monday to discuss near future events that needed preparation, and through these meeting I could also find more events that I can help with as I spend my time here. I was also introduced to Kevin and Sammie, who are in charge of the youth organization and would also be in on the meetings organizing events and letting me know the ways in which I can help.

Through this meeting we determined my continual appearance on Mondays, and that next Monday during the meeting I would get a fill in on an event happening that night that I could participate and help coordinate in. That night they will hold an event called Open Stages in which youths are encouraged to come and speak freely on stage of whatever their choosing as long as there is not hate speech. I am very much looking forward to this event and seeing what creative things will be demonstrated, and what my role will be while I am there.

Until then..