Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd- 4th Grade, 5 hours attended.

This week was great as we finished up our projects. I was excited to hear that many of the kids had not moved on during the week, while I am not at UAA, and many of them were excited when they saw the supplies I had brought out again for them. The beginning of the day was a little tricky unfortunately due to some of the kids being disrespectful to one another, but it slowly got better throughout the day as we continued our project and continued learning African Drumming. 

It has been tricky to get the students to understand when they do something wrong. I think many people have trouble understanding what is the right way to communicate when something happens. Anytime a situation happens I take it as an opportunity to learn by listening to how Rosey handles the situation. I feel very respected at UAA, being able to help in situations as well.

Even though there were some ups and downs during the day, the students were still able to make great pieces of work and it seemed like they had a lot of fun. I could tell I was making an impact when the students would ask me questions about how to make curtain things. I look forward to the future projects I will get to do with students and hope I get to start pushing their creativity and knowledge as I continue as a Teaching Artist.