Urban Arts Academy, Rosey Lowe, 2nd-4th Grade, 5 hours attended

This week was exciting as I introduced my first lesson plan with these students. The day was a little packed for the students but they seemed to like our project and want to continue working on it. We started off the day outside on the play ground, which is always a good way to get the kids energy out and get them ready for a new project inside. We didn't have much time between being outside and needing to go and learn more African Drum Circle, so in between I introduced my lesson plan and let them get started. Drumming went very well as well, more kids participated that usual, and more seemed enthusiastic to continue compared to before. Afterwards we went back to the classroom and continued our project as the kids started to get picked up.

It was so great seeing the kids learn so much this week. It really shows how they learn more when they are enjoying what they are doing. They took ahold of my project very well and created so many things. And in drumming the kids were picking up the rhythm faster and more enthusiastically.

This week has really showed me how important it is to give students the create freedom they want. But it was also important for me to know where the limits are so kids know when it is time for fun and when it is time to try hard.