Residency – Silverwood Park – 3 hrs

This week’s Doodlebug’s class theme was vegetables! As you can image, when you tell 4-5 year olds that you’re going to be talking about vegetables, they all go “EWW” or “OH GOD”. There was maybe one student who wasn’t totally upset with the idea of vegetables. We went around the circle and asked each student what their favorite vegetable was. 2 students agreed that bananas were probably the best vegetable and one student said his bunny was his favorite. Hopefully by the end of class they understood neither of those things are vegetables. We made a vegetable soup collage out of construction paper and went for a hike by the lake. I think the students can feel spring is here when due to the extremely high energy level they all had.

Residency – Minneapolis Community and Technical College – 4 hrs

This week was all lab time in prep for final projects. So instead of splitting the class half and half, we hung out in the darkroom for the full 4 hours. Only about 4 students showed up to work, but those who did I think appreciated the time to work.