Residency – Silverwood Park – 3 hrs

This week in Doodblebugs we talked about Owls. The art project was pretty ambitious and I don’t know if it quite worked as planned. The students colored paper like stars with neon colored crayons. Then, Chelsea painted each paper black and wiped it dry. We then had students choose a paper owl to adhere to their night scene. The crayons glowed under the black light box that Chelsea had made but we ran out of time sadly. The kids had a crazy amount of energy due to the snow having melted and it being beautiful outside. Fiona turned 5 this week and was incredibly excited to make sure we were all aware that she was no longer 4. I love when one of the kids says their age because then each one of them has to shout out how old they are themselves. All and all, even when the energy level is high, I’m getting better and maintaining my energy level and sometimes successfully calming them down.

Residency – Minneapolis Community and Technical College – 3 hrs

This was the last day of Photo 1. We had some work time before lecture and then we had our final crit. For the final, each student had to have 10 images that fit into their chosen theme. We then tried to figure out what the theme of the work was before we dove into critique. John decided that this week we would not lead the crit, but rather the student showing the work would. So instead of John or myself jumping into conversation, we allowed the artist to ask leading questions and get what they wanted out of it. I thought this was great idea because often critiques can go in a direction that is of little use to the artist. It was so great to be a part of this class and get some experience at the community college.