Residency – Silverwood Park – 3 hrs

This week in Doodblebugs we talked about baby animals. We read a story about baby animals and talked about what different animals are called when they are infants. We made bunny baskets out of folded paper plates. The kids colored their bunnies, attached paper ears and googley eyes. I wish I had taken pictures of them because of the ridiculous amount of options the kids came up with as to where eyes should belong on a bunny. I’ve become very comfortable in the class and look forward to my time working with Chelsea, Noelle, and the kids.

Residency – Minneapolis Community and Technical College – 4 hrs

This week at MCTC students were working through their street photography project again. We seem to have lost a few students because the class has been much smaller as of late. Most of the students who remain seem very dedicated to the printing process and work very hard during lab hours. Lecture was another critique which I believe is our second or third one. The students are getting better at not saying “I like this” or “this looks good” and rather, have begun to ask leading questions and guide the critique in the direction that they want.

MCAD Grey Studio Webinar – 3 hrs

This week I had the unique opportunity to lead an online grey studio portrait lighting and edit demonstration. MCAD Admissions reached out to me to create a demo that would showcase the grey studio and MCAD’s facility and be fitting for a high school audience. I found it was an incredibly different type of teaching method than being in front of a class. I prepped a PowerPoint that the students could go through with me during the live demo. I went over how to light a model in the studio and then a portrait edit demo on Photoshop. Honestly, I was incredibly nervous before this demonstration. Speaking in front of people is not a huge concern to me and I think it has to do with being able to read the crowd and interact with them. This on the other hand, was me talking into a camera not totally sure of who is there and if I’m going to fast or not. All in all, I feel proud to have been asked and I feel like it went pretty smoothly. I think with more practice I could feel completely comfortable speaking to a camera and teaching in a webinar format.