January 8th, 2016

STEM Day: the class was shown games, which were received with gasps of amazement on the “STEM” Cart. While playing with the toys they are very engaged. Moving on from the cart the students are assigned to create a doghouse using certain materials they are given, which include marshmallows, straws, wax paper, clay and tinfoil.  Mrs. Boyson brought marshmallows to eat and not just use to build. I was asked to work with a girl who was very enthusiastic about building. One student claimed to us that our finished doghouse wasn’t supposed to have any holes, which ours did. But there were no consequences so it seemed okay. My building partner added a dog bowl, bed, dress, garden, and dressing room. Students are learning architecture terms (frame, beams, foundation, scaflting). One boy, was focused on the accessories same as my partner.

Because of the project I was able to observe and gauge students personalities and work ethnics. Specifically there are three very intelligent girls; they are the girls who created the “intricate” house. They caught on fairly quickly and brought in more than what was expected. The one boy gains inspiration from his peers. Another girl in an all girls group gave up when she had to compromise with her peers but works best by herself. My building partner was more focused on the creative side than figuring out what works best to make the house stand.