January 12, 2016

In Art Room:

I first saw 1st graders today, who were creating self-portraits. When I introduced myself the students were very enthusiastic about animation. I worked mainly with three students who all needed extra help. A boy, with special needs, behaved well and completed his work. Though he got off task multiple times trying to get my attention while I was working with other students. He called himself my “biggest fan” and when I would say, “My biggest fan would…” he would do what ever I asked him and I used this to get him to stay on task. He hugged me before he went back to his regular classroom. Another little boy had a hard time listening to instructions in the beginning. But he eventually got the hang of things. One child was frustrated because she couldn’t make hers look like the teachers’. We went out in the hall and had a talk about how artists use their mistakes to the make the art better. With my encouragement she was able to go from behind everyone in the class to ahead of everyone in the project.

The second 1st grade class I saw I was assigned at table for one certain student who would get off task but when I sat down he was excited to show me every mark he made in his work. Their was a child who was a bit rambunctious and I think he was just excited to see a new face.