January 7th, 2016

Reflections on Teaching Strategies the Teachers use at Myers-Wilkins and Classroom Management

Ms. Boyson: She’s gives a lot of genuine compliments. She’s able to find a balance between speaking to the students as teenagers and as children. She is very respectful towards them. At 10:00am they students have recess and lunch, Mrs. Boyson prepares for next lessons. After break they have story time, she asks the couple of rambunctious kids take themselves aside to center themselves then come back when they are calmer and can listen. Students are quiet; somewhat attentive a few look sleepy. I wonder what could happen if they were allowed to draw out the scene being read? 

She asks how the students relate to the book. Asking, “Where are you from?” and “What are you thinking right now?” Mrs. Boyson even admits to being immature herself to get on their level of understanding. She wants students to connect and think deeply about the characters in the book. 

In Art: the students are more active in Art than they are in their classrooms. I am unsure why some students are behaving differently but I think it’s the change in environment as well as working with a teacher they only see every 8 days. Things calm during work time. I wonder if they consider art a second recess?