Hannah Johnson intro to graphic design at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 20 Minutes

Jeremy Lundquist Shadowing print making class at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 40 minutes

Samantha Sather intro to graphic design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College- 3 hours and 45 minutes

The semester is moving along and I am adjusting to my schedule nicely. This week has been hectic yet productive, things Perpich are starting to get more active. At the beginning of class Hannah handed out a quiz for the students on design terminology, meanwhile  Hannah ask me if i could help her lay out some design samples she brought in for the students to look at, after we did that the students got up to look at the and ask any questions about the samples. Hannah explained where the samples were from and a bit about the process. This week the students were introduce to their first assignment the class goes fairly fast and since it’s only an hour and twenty minutes long , some work time was assigned to the students and I got to interact with some of them I can tell there are still adjusting to me being in the classroom at the end of class Hannah asked if it would be OK with me to bring in some samples of my work so that students would see what kind of project I work. This week at MCTC we had a class critique of  the first project they were assigned the project consisted of arranging and working with type. At the beginning of class Samantha and I talked about how the critique was going to be set up and asked me to facilitate conversation if the group was quiet as she was not sure how they would react to the critique since it was the first in class critique. The critique went exceptionally well the students had a lot to say and I admit that I was surprised that a beginning class was so active. I had a chance to pick a piece of work and give a critique on it. Over all it was another successful week I feel more comfortable with the environment and I can tell the students are getting used to my presence.