Hannah Johnson Intro to Graphic Design at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 20 Minutes

Samantha Sather Intro to Graphic Design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College- 3 hours and 45 minutes

 This Monday I brought some Samples of my work as Hannah and I discussed I arrived few minutes early to set up my work on one of the table, as students walked in Hannah informed the students that I had brought in work and they gathered around the table to look at the samples. After a few minutes Hannah facilitated the conversation by asking me a few questions, after that some of the students proceeded to ask question about the work I explain a bit about the process and the contents of the work. After that the students had time to work on their projects as they all don’t have the creative clouds on their own computers. I floated round in to provide assistance while they students had work time.

This week at MCTC Sam began the class by reviewing a study guide that she had assigned the students. I sat down and  watched Sam interact with the students. Once the class was done reviewing the study guide Sam introduce their next assignment, after that Sam gathered the student in a circle and proceed to explain the students to swap work with someone else and we were students proceed to critique the work they had. Some of the students had not exchanged work so Samantha ask me if I would critique their work , I touched on three good thing and three bad things. After the critique was over Sam assigned worktime some students took off as they had that option available but some stayed as they needed further assistance. I proceed to help the students who stayed back. Over all it was another good week I am getting excited as start planning my lesson for both my practicum experiences.