Hannah Johnson intro to graphic design at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 20 Minutes

Jeremy Lundquist Shadowing print making class at Perpich center for art education - 1 hours 40 minutes

Samantha Sather intro to graphic design at Minneapolis Community and Technical College- 3 hours and 45 minutes

This week was my first time at Perpich Center for the Arts, the staff was very welcoming I serve as teacher assistant for intro graphic design with Hannah Johnson and I shadowed a Printmaking class with Jeremy Lund. Over all it was great experience. since it was the first day for student as they were returning from end of term class was slow. Hannah introduced me to the class and explained to them that I was going to be there for the next few months after that she preceded with a PowerPoint on the elements of design.  At Jeremy's class I showed and observed how he went about teaching, the class has a casual set up since it’s a studio class.

This was my second week at MCTC I arrived early to catch up with Sam on how the class was set up for the day, Sam gave an introduction to InDesign after that she precede to assign a project involving typography, the task was to use different fonts in order to explore type. During lab time I assisted the students with whatever they were having difficulties with. Student were very open to ask for help, some were very eager to move at faster paced and asked more advance question which I hesitated to answer because I did not want to interfere with the class so I explained to those students that it was best to learn the slow path rather than taking shortcuts especially at a beginner level.

All of the students are very appreciative and polite and some approached me to see if they could get feedback on the project. Overall I had a very positive experience, classes are still at an early stage and  things are just starting to pick up, I anticipate that the placements will get more dynamic in the coming weeks.