Southwest High School - Art Teacher Cecily Spano - 4 hours

This week was a little odd, when I arrived I noticed there didn't seem to be as many students in the halls and when Cecily saw me she apologized for not notifying me of the change of schedule. Apparently there was some sort of short day or off day and instead of their regular classes, the students were encouraged to go to a number of student led workshops on social justice and social literacy. I was already there and the students were very encouraging that I go- so I went with Cecily to a workshop in the school's black box theatre. There was a guest speaker that led the group in a few games and exercises, and I ended up pairing up with five other kids to talk about race inequality. I was amazed at how communicative and engaged the students were, and how they were all so eager to talk and listen in equal measure.

So there wasn't much art this week, but I was still glad to participate in the discussions going on at the school. South West is a very diverse school and I'm glad the faculty and the students are both trying to have these important discussions.