Southwest High School - Art Teacher Cecily Spano - 4 Hours

This week I was able to get a little more involved with Cecily's 6th hour painting class, which I normally took a more passive role in because it was so straightforward. However, this week I gave the students advice on some of their mockups for their next project and asked them questions about their designs. It's a really cool group of kids, they all start working before much instruction is given. 

Art Club again this week as well, there are always such fun conversations going on and all of the students have different interests so it's great to see them all working on their own things. Collage is really popular, or, at least rooting through old magazines is. One of the younger women in the club likes fiber arts and was weaving the whole time. Cecily is great at cultivating an environment where the students can just explore their own interests.