HIghpoint and Southwest - 10 hours 

Had a busy week running around Minneapolis and working on my placements/internships. My usual Thursday at South West was great and I was equally involved in both classes. 6th Hour painting worked on a portraiture assignment and the students asked me a lot of questions for improving their self portraits. 7th Hour was much more structured this week- the students had stations to chose from and had a variety of different media to experiment with. Cecily was offering up some nice water color vellum and I sat with some students who wanted to see how it reacted with the ink.

During Art club, I had a student who was working on some sort of design for a Class of 2016 T-shirt. I was doodling out some tattoo flash I was interested in and he sat with me and asked for pointers on some of the graphics he was working with. I got the feeling that he wanted me to go through his sketchbook and talk with him about his work- maybe I'll offer some sort of sketchbook seminar with these kids? They all have one and I think it would be interesting to have some discussions with them about how they use them. 

On Saturday, I volunteered with Dana at Highpoint for Free Ink Day. I'd actually never been to Highpoint before! The space is really cool and I'm glad I got to take part. For the event, I stayed mostly in the inking area, helping to move things along by cleaning and giving instruction when necessary. The attendees came in and were given a small linoleum piece to carve and could then print as many as they would like. The back quickly became a bonanza of kids and adults all rolling ink and printing, so most just did one or two, but I worked the whole event and Dana and Tyler both seemed glad enough that I was there that they would like me back in some way, so I can probably get some more hours with them if need be. 

Excited to be starting at Perpich over MCAD's spring break!