Spectrum: 3hrs 30min

Neither Genie nor the collage artist attended today...

This means no companion journeys down hypothetical mazes. Nor did I acquire a new piece for my collection.

Instead, there was only Genie's new canvas leaning against the others in her workspace. She's taken on new direction:

Together the three paintings explore different structures, the right uses various hard edges with an emphasis on triangular shapes. As the imagery moves toward the centerpiece it begins to round out into the painting I had previously described. The newest addition on the left is much more plain. Though the image seems like a simple landscape at first glance its complexity is indulged upon through the addition of the other two canvases.

The whole triptych reads from left to right. Like a book our eye easily accepts the introduction; we glide into the whole with little effort. We even feel welcomed into Genie’s realm. This is a deceptive gesture on her part though and speaks well to her character. As we read through the work the information becomes condensed and less literal. Image and mark are less specific and depend very much on symbolic interpretation through color. The maze turns in on us as we reach the end. Soon we are trapped in the psyche of the creator and embrace the draw of Genie’s intent.