Spectrum: 3hrs 30min

A deal had been agreed upon between the collage artist and myself that day. He settled to offer it to me for a meager $10.00 and I immediately agreed. Later I felt guilty so I offered double and a trade of work. Now it's only a matter of paperwork before I own it. Meanwhile, the piece just hangs in its same awkward positioning across from where I sit..

There is one person I haven't mentioned this whole time. She and I have really hit it off since the first day I settled into the Lighthouse Studio. For the sake of privacy I will refer to her as "Genie."

Genie is an elderly lady, she's snarky, educated, impersonally devout. I love her.

She sits each day working on three canvases at a time and talks. Often she'll talk about old jobs she had or make off hand jokes about anything as simple as her soda to the objectification of god.

Encompassing Genie's broad work of drawings and paintings of religious iconography, sketches of friends and moments is another more expressionistic side approach. One which involves a series of motions and analysis. The product results in a literal maze of various shapes and color transitions between representational architecture. She is currently working on a triptych using this very technique for the core member's seasonal show. The theme is "Impossible Things" and she's never explored the triptych before.  

Working with her on these paintings is a trip with little intention but endless progress. We communicate through associations as she steers me away from the basement. Colors bleed into one another like fire into water. Hard edges made by permanent forge brick patterns that stabilize the pieces.

When we decided the dual works she was working on could be benefited with an additional canvas she took a turn on me I wasn't expecting. The side which seemed to fit best to the reverse of the other canvas was placed on the other side. This undoubtedly created new complications. Genie addressed them with ease. 

She is a shocking display of sheer will.