Spectrum: 3hrs 30min

Intermedia: 2hrs 30min

On Monday the 23rd I was in the Lighthouse studio. Genie was not in the studio again. I’m not sure if I should be worried or not because her output keeps building in her workspace. The additions she's made were not present but a new painting was. I assume it will be part of her work with religious iconography.

However, I did curate a gallery for her ever-growing amount of paintings in the meeting room on the second. Jes and I made a lot decisions regarding what should go where while hanging her work in such a non-compromising space but now twelve of Genie’s pieces adorn its walls. I hope I represented her appropriately.  

The collage artist did attend though; we’ll call him “Ned.”  Ned’s presence meant I was able to purchase his work. I can’t express how much this pleases me. (In order to accomplish this Jes, Ned, and I agreed to have the transaction occur outside the institution to avoid any bureaucratic interference.) I've positioned it as the header for this blog. Perhaps now a connection can be made between my words and the work. The piece is the first in Ned's catalog that implemented the two-piece collage technique I had described earlier. 

In my honest opinion, Ned is one of the most naturally talented individuals I have ever encountered. He is very soft spoken and his reasoning often ends in statements like “… that’s just what it wanted.” He’s a natural.

 Ned really opened up to me; he wanted to know how he could sell his work. All I could only offer him the same advice I have been given before; applying for exhibition space, grants, art fairs, events, independent transactions, etc… What I provided in addition to an answer to his question was a conversation about the intent versus purpose of what we are doing as artists. There are no answers here, only feelings. Together though we reconfirmed that there isn’t very many options for people like us.

On March 24th I began at Intermedia. I’m not sure what to say about my work there yet. It ranges from helping with administration details such as census data collection, cleaning, and promotion to helping with the installation and de-installation of current and past shows. My time there is very rewarding given that it provides me with a broad understanding of what it is to run a community exhibition space.