Spectrum: 3 hours 45 min 

My first official day at Spectrum. It went really well. I met Christi, the co-coordinator of the program. She's a well rounded artist and has some amazing work to offer the world. I can't wait to pick her brain while I shadow next week.

I also met a few members and core members of the organization. Each artist carries their own talents to the group. I truly believe we will all prove to be an invaluable asset to one another.

The artist's studio is associated with Spectrum though it is ran by Resource, a chemical and mental health facility. It is Resource's mission is to help those in need support themselves and get back on their feet.

The studio helps provide a working space for artists who have been diagnosed with certain mental disorders, such as depression or schizophrenia. One clause of the organization is that each participant is a working artist. It is Spectrum's intent to encourage member's to continue within their career by finding exhibition space and support them through the application process. Though the mental benefits exist the act is not art therapy; it is expression. The group seeks to diffuse the the stigmas of mental disease not encourage them with labeling.