Spectrum: 3hrs 30min

On this date I spent the whole of my residency time on the studio floor at Spectrum. The environment was extremely inviting. It was an open studio day so a large amount of people came through. Each for their own purposes came to practice or express.

I talked to one member who's painting has dazzled me since my first introduction to the studio. The piece is composed of two main mid-tones, blue and yellow. It had an impasto gesture to it yet the image was composed of two overlaying rectangles. The center was bare except a light drawing on a sheet of sketchbook paper.

It turns out the work is a triptych in the process. She intends to use the piece to apply for a grant. She told me the inspiration for the paintings was the entrance to a treatment facility. When she asked me for advice on the project's direction I offered various aesthetic viewpoints. Ultimately though I could end only on the note that I loved it as it was.