S. High: 2hrs

Spectrum: 3hrs 30min

Today I begin my first official day with Spectrum. I will be meeting with Samantha Sleeman, the director there. I'm a little anxious but think the feeling is just anticipation.

Additionally, I had my interview at Minneapolis South High School on Friday the 30th of January. It went really well! I met Delainia Haug, Laura Lanik, and Nadja Reubenova. Each teaches and runs different portions of the semester long program. We discovered that the timing between each of my residencies conflicted but decided I could postpone beginning before April. Luckily this date falls on the Mayday Parade portion of their course. This is exciting news; I've been wanting to be involved with this since I moved to the Powderhorn area.

There is a meeting on February 10th and the 14th. I think I'll attend them.