Spectrum - Jes Reyes - 7 hours 

The studio was not open on the 16th, but because things have been going so well Jes accredited me time for that day.

It was another great day on the 23rd though. The artist working on the triptych wasn't there so I couldn't get permission to document the painting I mentioned prior. I did document some other work though; this inspired a conversation between Jes and I about rights to privacy and publicity. Before I can post anything I have to acquire various permissions through both artist and institution. This all makes sense; it can be a touchy situation at times when admiration is at stake.

These same rules apply to purchasing art. I mention this because I am in a current negotiation with one core member of the group about a particular piece he has finished. In the duration of time I have been working with him he has reached a breakthrough in his style and I want the first product of this accomplishment.

The artist works in collage. His source material comes from advertisements from the 50s and 60s, which tend to be predominantly painted works that have been reprinted. They have a charming yet haunting aesthetic. The piece I seek, more to the point the breakthrough I wish to attain is composed of two cut outs. The image is a photo from the audience's point of view of hands holding an antique roll-a-dial phone laid on top of a black and white print of a battle at sea. I have never seen such an excellent example of method meeting style. It is comparable to a one stroke painting; in a sense he made one move and the work was done.

I really hope we can make a trade.