Planning Backwards Model for Urban Arts Academy   

Teaching Artist Practicum

Name of Project: Making  book / Accordion style book

School/Teacher/Classroom or Arts Organization/Mentor:  Urban Arts Academy, Sagirah Shahid

Grade Level or Age of Participants: 2nd - 4th Grade  

MCAD Teaching Artist:  Kayla Trevino

Number of Students: 10 students

Overview of Project

The students will start with designing the front and back cover for an accordion style book. While the cover are drying the students will use the time to fold the pages  and after both steps are complete the students will attach the pages to the covers with glue. The book will allow for the students to have creative freedom over something that can become personal to them.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

  • Create something that is their own

  • Being creative with design choice

  • A personal book were they are able to collect their thoughts and ideas

Student Outcome Objectives

Students will:

  1. Brainstorm ideas for the cover / Design and execute making of the cover

  2. Learn or better skills on collage techniques

  3. Learning page folding

Prior Knowledge

-cut and paper folder

-applying glue

-kiss corners

-Mountains and valleys

Lesson Preparation Timeline

  • Cut down book board

  • Cut down paper, can be done at same time as board but if you are unsure on how much paper you will need you can wait till after first lesson to determine the correct amount.

  • Gather materials for class.

Examples of Artwork

* i also brought in a variation of my own books from my own practice *

Kim kopp

navigations in time

9" x 10.25"

Jody williams

Condensed Creatures

Screen printing and etching

Additional Resources   

How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to a One-of-a-Kind Book by Esther K. Smith


Was the scale good for the students? Were students able to assemble a book with the directions and examples given? Did students final work represent what they wanted when they started the project? If yes how, if no what changed? Are students happy with the outcome of their books?


  • Two sheets of book board for covers  for each student. Cut into 4x4 inches .

  • Paper that is long enough to fit your desired page amount.

  • Bone Folders

  • Glue sticks

  • Papers and magazines for collage.

Learning Activities and Timing

45 minutes, two days

Day one

  1. 5 minutes - set up materials/ getting space ready for

  2. 5 minutes -  talk with examples and explanation of project

  3. 20 minutes-  the students will used this time to brainstorm, and cut their collages if they’d like. After cutting the materials students glue cover design together on their book boards and set to dry.

  4. 5 minute-  clean up

  5. 5 minute -  share time/ discussion of their design choices.

Day two

  1. 10 minute  - set up, re-introduce and examples again if needed

  2. 25 minutes  - for folding and gluing pages together and any other extra details they might want to add

  3. 5 minutes - clean up

  4. 5 minutes - discussion about the final project. What did the students like/enjoy the most? What would they like to be different?

Teaching Artist Reflection

Concerns - Students may not want to use collage techniques. If they choose not to and only use the 1 sheet to cover everything, finding something to fill the time could come up.

Extended learning - Once a student knows how to make the books they will be able to show others.