Name of Project: Pixilation Water Cycle
Grade Level or Age of Participant: 4th grade, 7 – 8 year olds
School, Teacher and Classroom: Whittier International School, Elizabeth Mundt, room 248
MCAD Teaching Artist:  DJ Yang

Visual Arts Content or Standards Media Arts 1. Artistic Foundations 1. Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of the arts area. 1. Describe the use of elements in media arts such as image, sound, space, time, motion and sequence.

Curricular Link / Standards (if in a classroom only) Science 1. The Nature of Science and Engineering 2. The Practice of Engineering 2. Engineering design is the process of identifying problems, developing multiple solutions, selecting the best possible solution, and building the product. 

Overview of Project

Students will work in groups and create a storyboard of their theme. They will create props and/or use the props provided for them. They will use that to create a stop motion animation with props.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential QUESTION(s)

What are the water cycle and its properties? How could I show the water cycle through animation?

Student Outcome Objectives

Students will:
1. Plan out their stop motion by creating a storyboard for it.
2. Execute their storyboard by acting out what they planned for the storyboard.
3. Analyze and edit their storyboard if it was not to their liking.
4. Practice and refine.
5. Act out the storyboarded piece using props to tell their piece. 

Prior Knowledge

The students  need to understand the water cycle and its properties in each cycle phase. 

Examples of Artwork - Artist: Allison Tardif - Artist: DouaJai Yang, feat. Faith Kue with assistants Tythe and Talitha Kue

 Additional Resources 

My prezi presentation link:


I have a reflection worksheet at the end of their animation filming experience that the students will fill out. The students will also get to watch their animation.


Paper –
The Engineer Design Process & Job Descriptions x 12
Storyboard 24 panels x 14
Reflection sheet x 28
Prezi presentation
iPad Air

Prop materials –
Tablecloth x 3
Bag of cotton balls (200 ct)
Chenille stems (pipe cleaners) x 90
Streamers x 2
Ribbons x 2
Roll of paper/construction paper
Glue, scissors, tape
Artificial flowers and petals 

Learning Activities and Timing

1. Introduction of project, groups, roles and expectations  – 20 mins
2. Students split up into groups and plan – 35 mins
3. Filming the groups – 60 mins (15 mins per group)
4. A reflection sheet for the finished group – 15 mins (staggered with filming) 

Student work: