Name of Project:  All about Frogs/Paper Frog Puppets
MCAD Teaching Artist: Hannah Brown
Teacher/ School/ Arts Organization: Silverwood Park, Doodle Bugs with teaching artist Samantha Longley
Age or Grade Level: 4-5 year olds

Overview of Project: Doodlebugs will make paper frog paper puppet with movable legs. The students will practice their motor skills with coloring the frog using oil pastels and attaching the legs to the body.  Naturalists will take children out looking for frogs after making the project.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s): Exploration of materials and assembly in sequence. Project with multiple steps demand  focus and problem solving for for young students. This project helps them build their confidence in representational drawing and ability to assemble and make.

Student Outcome Objectives

1.     Students will use inventive color and pattern while drawing the frogs camoflage.
2.     Students will cut out the frog and assemble as a puppet. 
3.     Students will participate in a nature walk looking for frogs. 

Prior Knowledge
Prior to this project,students will have been introduced to amphibians by the naturalists.  

Lesson Preparation Timeline
Prepare materials, paper, copies prior to the lesson. Choose book as a support reading. Set up materials area.

Examples of Artwork
Pre-made example of what finished product and frog images from Hello Red Fox by Eric Carle. 

The students will demonstrate understanding and success by taking their time on the project and being thoughtful and careful in their execution. A completed frog puppet created with little assistance will be evidence of understanding.

Paper plates for the frog bosy
Paper with applied templates for frog legs
Oil pastel
Google eyes
Paper brass brads
Glue stick

Learning Activities and Timing
1.  Gather children in circle and read Eric Carle Picture Book. Discuss what they noticed in the book about frogs. 10 minutes.
2.  Children move to their tables and use scissors to cut out frog bodies. 10 miutes.
4.  Instructor demonstrates Craypas application. Children color frog bodies with Craypas. 10 minutes
5.  Children cut out legs. 5 minutes
6.  Instructor demonstrate attaching limbs with brads one at a time and assists as needed. 5  minutes
7. Children go out on nature walk with naturalist to look for frogs. 20 minutes

Teacher Reflection

Some children may be  careless and hasty with their coloring, or skip steps and go straight to assembly.

Sam, the art educator for Doodlebugs will give feedback. The kids will take their final product and share it with their friends and family!