Name of Project: Shading Lesson
MCAD Teaching Artist: Hannah Brown
Teacher/ School/ Arts Organization: Academy of Holy Angels, Dan Dimond
Age or Grade Level: 9-12 grade

Visual Arts Content / Standards
Grades 9-12 1. Artistic Foundation 2. Demonstrate knowledge and use of the technical skills of the art form, integrating technology when applicable.
Visual Arts, 1. Integrate the characteristics of the tools, materials and techniques of a selected media in original artworks to support artistic purposes. 

Overview of Project
This drawing project introduced high school art students to the essentials of shading by - looking deeper into form and value, and considering how they come together to create the illusion of a 3D object.  Information is presented  through a powerpoint covering the material and a demo and exercise using a value scale.

“Big Ideas”/ Essential Question(s)
How does form create 3 Dimensionality to a a 2 dimensional shape? How does value affect the perception of form? How do artists use value in illustrations.

Student Outcome Objectives
1. Create drawings using a newfound understanding of using form and value to define space
2. Create a value scale and apply to a circle to create a sphere.
3. Analyze drawing assignment by considering how value is used to create form.

Prior Knowledge
Students should have a basic understanding of drawing objects from observation, as well as practice with drawing faces and a very basic understanding of drawing the human form.

Lesson Preparation Timeline
Purchase and prepare materials, prepare examples and ppt, practiced lesson presentation and demoing. 

Examples of Artwork
Chris Van Allsburg, Edward Hopper, and additional illustrators
A powerpoint presentation using classic examples of planar analysis and value drawing, however at the end of the presentation including a handful of contemporary artists using value in interesting and unexpected ways in their work.

Additional Resources
Intro to drawing/ figure drawing lessons.from MCAD foundation drawing curriculum. 

Students will be assessed on their ability to create a visually even value scale in graphite and use value to create a sphere from a circle.

H, HB, B graphite pencils, HB pencils, and B pencils
Drawing paper or sketchbooks

Learning Activities and Timing
1. Overview lesson and present Powerpoint Presentation on value, planar analysis with images from contemporary illustrators and artists. 10-15 minutes
2. Short demo of creating a value scale using different weight pencils. 5 minutes
3. Work time. Students create a 5 step value scale. Using a handout of a shaded spherical ball, they will replicate the image using the information covered in the lesson and demo.  20 minutes
4. Students will reflect on the success of their value scales and shaded spheres. 5 minutes

Teaching Artist Reflection

1. What problems are anticipated with this lesson?
Students may be intimidated by the new techniques.

2. How does this project fit into overall curriculum planning for the subject areas?
As an intro to drawing exercise so it will fit perfectly into a Art 1 course. 

3. How will your students’ work be shared with the community?
They will share it with their classmates in critique.

4. How will you receive feedback on your teaching methodology and quality of student work?
Feedback will come from the mentor teacher, faculty member and the student work.