Silverwood Park Camera Club - Artist Linda Dobosenski - 4.0 hours

When I got to Silverwood Park for Camera Club let by Photographer and teaching artist Linda Dobosenski, there were already people in the entry way and Linda let me in.  The park is an amazing park I had never been there before.  After me and Linda introduced ourselves she brought me into the room where the presentation would be and let me know how camera club works.  How it works is they have someone come in and talk about their practice for a presentation for about an hour then after the Q and A people put thumb drives into a basket.  Then one by one they go through 5 pictures on the thumb drives and give feedback towards each other on the photos shown.

Most of the participating people were hobbyist but they’re a few who take photography fairly seriously.  It was nice to give some feedback to people who truly appreciated it and I also helped give them a few Photoshop tips. Today’s presentation was Keith Crowley who is a wildlife and nature photographer which is very fitting with it being a park.  I learned a lot about different ways you can get up-close and stay safe in order to get wildlife pictures which was neat.  I was left with questions about the gear he used and wonder if others also had these questions.