Expo Elementary 2nd grade - Ulla Tervo Desnick - 6.5 hours

Ms. Ulla is sick today and Ms. Olivia is in charge along with a licensed substitute in the room.

We start off today by going down to the library to get new books for the week.  The kids are really loud today and goofing off I think that’s because Ms. Ulla wasn’t here and there is a lot of kids taking advantage of that.  

After Ms. Olivia passes out their pen pal letters that they have to read and then write a rough draft to be corrected to respond back to them.  Some of them were having trouble trying the think of a question to write back to them that they didn’t already ask them.  So I was trying to help them come up with one thing that really interested them.  From this they could from a few sentences and then a question at the end.  It seemed to help them be able to figure out a question easier.  

Next it was my turn to teach my Minecraft math lesson.  I was extreme nervous and didn’t know how the kids were going to react with out Ms. Ulla here and with my teacher and a video camera.  Ms. Olivia sat them down on the carpet in front before lunch and explained to them what would be happening with the camera and my teacher coming in so it wouldn’t be a surprise to them and let them know what kind of of behavior was expected from them.  At first I was a bit nervous but I shook the nerves out and I think in the end it was an amazing project.

The only think I forgot was to have the kids measure each side of the square and count how many 1inch square fit in it at the end to access them but in the end they all completed at least one and in most cases two.  It was a fun project and I think the kids learned a lot from it I was happy with the out come.