Expo Elementary 2nd Grade - Ulla Tervo Desnick - 5.5 hours

Today started off with Ms. Ulla getting the kids ready for library time and there was also a small book fair that some of the children got to go to.  To calm some of them down and prepare them to go to the library she called the children up to the front of the room had them lay down and then started to read them what they were going to do today the prompt read:  Happy March, Today we’ll continue with book recommendations.  We’ll also meet in reading groups.  Let’s work hard.

Then we started to work on their “I recommend sentences.  I helped one of the little girls with reading aloud.  Helped out around the classroom on the down time by blowing up the blue balls that the children sit on and bounce as they deflate.   After that I walked around and helped kids form their paragraph to be corrected.  Some kids had to rewrite theirs due to them not saving a space for the corrections to be written on.

At lunch Ms. Ulla, Ms. Olivia and I sat down and went over my lesson plan.  Ms. Ulla gave me some tips on how I could improve and finish within the time that I am allowed.  Most of these kids are really helpful to each other which is nice but it can also make silent study time quite loud.  Ms Ulla handles it well by spacing out the talkative children. 

Math is the last part of my day.  Ms. Olivia is teaching the lesson today.  She starts off by having the kids put rulers on the outside of the rug in the front of the room.  Quickly she is realizing this isn’t a good idea because it is turning into a zoo with these kids trying to fit on the rug so she has them all go back to their desks -  but overall I think the kids were having fun with the rulers.