Barton Open School - Allison Barton Jr High2 hours

Got to the class room and no one was there I guess they were out playing kickball.  Which is always a great way to get the energy out.  

Today they are working on domain and range.  I think some of the kids are starting to warm up to me helping them.  There is an extra help in room already so a lot of children were slow to ask me for help I feel like going up to the kids that need help may be working work rather then asking them since they seem stand offish or maybe they might think that I don’t not know the answer.  

Dance was next I think they were preparing for a final show.  It was awesome at the end before I had to leave to go to my advisement.  They were throwing one little boy around.  Six of the students came together held each others hands and the little boy got thrown up into their arms and the they all went down and through him up in the air together and caught him.  It was great to see all the team work and what dance can do to bring students together.