Barton Open School - Allison Barton Jr High - 4 hours

The children are working on graphs, inference graphs, parabola, liner graphs, and exponential absolute value. The first hour was taken up by going over homework and then what was being assigned for the day.  

For the first part of dance class she had people lead each other around without talking to one another, also one person had to close their eyes.  So only by leading someone around with their hands and using proper gestures could they move their partner around with out getting someone hurt.  I think this is a great lesson to learn before going into high school.  I feel like as years go on schools are becoming more violent and children are increasingly talking back to their teachers and I think this is a good way to teach each other to communicate. 

 Kids are learning slope intercept form it amazing how different the dynamic between the two classes are even though they are taught the same material.  In this class she uses a microphone so that the kids will not only pay attention but so that they get excited to talk into the microphone and not each other which I thought was a great strategy.