Barton Open School - Allison Barton Jr High - 3 hours 

Got to class and the class was working on their common errors packets. They had issues with some of the problems were so simple that they had over looked how easy it was.   For example the answer had the wrong unit at the end or that some needed to be squared and wasn’t.  If someone was talking to friends she was quick to correct them by calling attention to them and making sure their following along with her.  They are working on correcting yesterday’s homework and she is going around to make sure they are done and marking off that they handed it in.  After they are done with that assignment they partnered up and started working on an exponent assignment.  After they finish that they can work on a crib sheet or their homework for tomorrow, but most of them didn’t get that far.  Allison is very good at making sure her students are understanding what is going on and paying attention while she is going over material. 

 Today in dance they were practicing for a flash mob that they are going to be doing for a teachers meeting on Friday.  It was great to see all the kids excited to do something for the teachers.  It was also surprising the amount of energy and enthusiasm they all used.