This week at CMA was action packed! The lesson was all about costuming. Class started with a few different drawing challenges. One student brought in some home-made winner ribbons for other students to wear. Because of this many other students started making their own winner ribbons to hand out to other students. This was considered one of the drawing challenges. The other drawing challenge was to draw a snake with crazy hands. After the drawing challenge, Ana led the class. She introduced the assignment for the day, which was to choose a super power and to design a costume for the superhero each student was to come up with. She gave a demonstration of how she was going to decide all of the clothing options. She asked students for their thoughts as well. After Ana's demonstration, the kids dove into creating their superhero's power and drawing sketches of their outfits. I walked around and helped kids focus on what kinds of superhero they wanted to be and also help then gather materials. Each kids idea was very different, one girl made a cheetah superhero, another boy make a good luck superhero, and we even had a ninja turtle. It was really exciting helping the kids create their drawing in reality. The looks on their faces were amazing.