This week the main teacher of The Exploring Media class, Ian, was absent, leaving me and the two other assistant teachers to take the lead. We started class with a drawing challenge like usual, this week it was drawing the best ice cream sundae. After the drawing challenge, Ana and I introduced the lesson for the day. We showed the students that we would be making stop motion animations with cut paper figures. We showed all the materials and programs that we would be using. We first show the kids that they will need a static background for their animation. This means that whatever is drawn on the background will not move during the animation. Then there will need to be characters and objects that will be moved. For our example we had an egg and a chicken hatcheted from the egg. We also had jewels that were flower pedals. Once the background and characters were completed, the students go their computer ready with the iStopMotion software. The students set up their scenes and then were told to move objects very slightly and capture each movement with a camera. Students did this and were absolutely amazed with the animation movies they created. There were a few stand out from the group, one group of students made their animation of different jungle animals including tigers, cheetahs, toucans, and giraffes. The other stand out was a group of boys who made their animation about dinosaur monsters chasing one another. This week was really great, I really enjoyed seeing the kids start working on actual animations.