This week was different than any other week at CMA. I worked with Camilo, Laura, and Katya, and we went on a field trip. We went to a library in Astoria, Queens, and hosted an animation workshop to a group of middle schoolers. We met up at CMA and gathered all of the supplies we would be needing. Then we got on the subway for an hour long ride to our destination. We arrived at the library and set up in a spare classroom. We would be doing a demonstration of how to make a claymation and also a pixilation. A claymation is when you use clay and a camera to create a stop motion animation. A pixilation is when a person is in front of the camera to create a stop motion animation. After setting up, the kids arrived and we got class started by showing them a demonstration of the claymation. All the kids were so excited to have the chance to make a stop motion animation. I was walking around looking at what everyone was making and was so excited by how happy everyone was. After we were done with the workshop, we went to a pastry shop and got some treats. This week was really great. It was fun going to an off site place.