Franklin Middle School - Melodee Strong - 6.0 hr

Kulture Klub Collaborative - Crystal Brinkman - 1.0 hr

Meet with Crystal from Kulture Klub today over some coffee! We meet over some coffee to introduce ourselves and outline general responsibilities I would take on next week. The Kulture Klub Collaborative engages art and artistic practice to provide enriching opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness and artists to grow individually and to transform community. I asked in the beginning of the Teaching Artist Practicum course to be paired with this organization because of their goal and intentions as an empowering organization. Crystal and I have decided to go ahead and have me come in to meet the youth next week! I'll be going over and helping out every Thursday from 5pm to 8pm--this upcoming Thursday we're going to Mixed Blood Theatre to watch a show starting at 7:30pm, so I'll be staying a bit later this specific time. Super excited to be spending an evening with everyone next week!!

I meet with Crystal for an hour Friday from 10am to 11am, then headed over to Franklin Middle school at 11:30am to TA for Melodee afterward! I have to get to Franklin a little before noon because thats when the first period of kids walk into the art classroom. We have art students from 4th to 8th periods of the day. Today we went over the term of the day, which was Motif. The kids had worksheets they had to fill out about the term and collectively answered them. After the Motif exercise they moved onto an activity dealing with patterns. I walked around making sure everyone was on task and understood the material. On the worksheet kids had to identify if a design followed a straight repeat, brick repeat, or half-drop repeat pattern--I even had a bit of trouble at first! I worked through the worksheet with a few students and kept my completed packet as a guide to help other students that needed help in following periods. Pretty chill Friday!

Like usual I helped Melodee tidy up at the end of class. We made colored copies she needed for class next week. I also compiled a bunch of donated tubes of paper towels into a large box for a piñata project she plans on doing with the kids later on in the semester. Another day well spent!