Franklin Middle School - Melodee Strong - 5.0 hr

Kulture Klub Collaborative - Crystal Brinkman - 4.5 hr

I've started my first week where I spend time both at YouthLink with Kulture Klub (on Thursdays) AND with Franklin Middle School (on Fridays). I'll start by talk about my first day at Kulture Klub! This past Thursday I visited the YouthLink building for the first time where Crystal gave me a tour of where everything was. YouthLink is a place where youth in Minneapolis that are experiencing homelessness can receive free hot meals, showers, and hygiene supplies. They also offer programs that help youth complete their GED, offer access to computers, help find shelter or look into housing options, etc. YouthLink is a haven where young folk can find the help they need! Kulture Klub is an organization that partners with YouthLink and offers a creative means to help those who are willing to participate. This past Thursday we went on a play at Mixed Blood Theatre! Tickets to events are often donated to Kulture Klub and they organize a field trip afterward. We went to go see DJ LATINIDAD’S LATINO DANCE PARTY, a hybrid play that involved active participation by the audience. I had the opportunity to meet some of the youth from Kulture Klub during this event, and am looking forward to get to spend time with them in the the coming weeks!

The next day on Friday, I spent the afternoon at Franklin Middle School where I helped students complete their final pattern projects. Last week I left Franklin when the students were brainstorming of different motifs to make patterns where they drew 5-10 different ideas with pencil on paper. This week most students had already cut rubber bricks into their motifs and made patterns on small paper. I help students catch up and others on their final project--a final pattern using their rubber stamp on a large sheet of grey paper. In total, students were expected to turn in the large sheet and two smaller ones on colored paper. Only a few students in all different periods managed to finish all the requirements--those who couldn't finish will have Monday to finish up their assignments. Next week I'll be at Franklin more days of the week since MCAD has spring break and Franklin won't until a week later. Melodee mentioned we might start prep by priming for a mural kids signed up to help paint during their spring break. Should be fun!!!