Franklin Middle School / Intermedia Arts - 0 hours

I've been really sick these past couple of weeks and haven't been able to attend my residency placements :-(

It's been pretty rough. The first week I fell ill was due to a general flu, and after recovering a bit a case of stomach flu swooped in and kept me in bed for another week. I plan on getting back into the swing of things within the next couple of days. I am upset I missed out on a chuck of time but am determined on coming back 100 percent! I've been thinking of ways of how I can be a better TA and brainstorming of lesson plans for my two residency placements. 

I also have a schedule meeting with Crystal, the executive director at Kulture Klub--a collaborative that engages art and artistic practice to provide enriching opportunities for youth experiencing homelessness and artists to grow individually and to transform community!! Super excited to start to meet Crystal and start helping out over there soon!