Franklin Middle School - Melodee Strong - 15 hr

Kulture Klub Collaborative - Crystal Brinkman - 7 hr

SPRING BREAK! Well, for me at least. This last week I managed to spend more time at both Kulture Klub and Franklin Middle School. Originally I had thought MCAD's spring break would align with Franklin's but that didn't end up being the case. This week at Franklin I sat in during the classes Ms. Strong usually teaches but after the 6th grade class on Tuesday she asked me to help with mural prep. I would take a few students from each class for the rest of the day and have them help me plaster holes in the wall overlooking the main entrance of the school. I have a picture attached at the bottom! We filled holes Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we started priming the wall for the mural next quarter's art class will finish. We had smaller scaffolding up had the kids paint with brushes in order to keep the mess from getting out of hand. The wall we were painting is really rough on the surface and having to paint with rollers would have splattered too much paint toward the students and floor. Next week marks the start of what Franklin Middle School called Spring Break Academy where students who have signed up could come to school during break and help Ms. Strong paint the mural! During Spring Break Academy they will be painting a different wall, one in front of their Media Center, and save the wall I helped prep this week for class time when the kids return back to school. 

A also managed to help out at Kulture Klub both days they are open during the week, Tuesdays and Thursdays. This past Tuesday Kulture Klub had zAmya theatre project come by and do a performing workshop with the youth. zAmya Theater Project is a unique creative process that brings together homeless and housed individuals to create and perform a theatrical production. Eventually, zAmya will create an original performance with the participating and input from the youth at Kulture Klub! This specific workshop we started warming up to one another by playing interactive name games and creating body sculptures and having group discussions about what we interpreted from the sculptures. Kulture Klub and zAmaya Theatre Project will be meeting every Tuesday for a 10 weeks--I'm pretty bummed I won't be able to stop by Tuesdays from here on out. Although, Thursdays are not bad at all! This past Thursday I helped prime canvases while helping out folks who needed help with painting. We facilitated a "free" time from 5pm-8pm Thursday where the majority of participants painted on paper or canvas. I am most likely going to create a lesson plan to do painting workshops at Kulture Klub in April because of their immense interest in painting!