Monday, January 4, 2016

Craig High School - Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Cossette - 6.3 hours

Today was the big prep day before teaching! I was really excited to get to school to converse with Mrs. Barry and show her what I had planned so far. Before I came to school, I worked on my lesson plan, getting a few materials, and I made a slide show I wanted her to approve. We finalized the lesson plans and as the day went on we asked students who knew they would be gone to get a head start. There are three painting classes that I was teaching in and Mrs. Barry decided that she wanted to extend the project over the rest of the week, which allowed me to be a bit more lenient as far as time goes. Because I was just kind of a light helper in Mrs. Kane's class, she said I should take my hours with her (Mrs. Barry's prep hours) to prep and experiment with the project. I ended up cutting 77 pieces of watercolor paper for all three classes, and made around 80 view finders that were 2x2 inches. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016 and Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Craig High School - Mrs. Barry and Mrs. Cossette - 13 hours (Block days)

Teaching and filming days! I was so nervous, and so excited for these days. I got to the school early on Tuesday to make sure I had all my materials for our activity and go over everything one last time before the students first hour with Mrs. Barry. She was patient and assured me that I was going to be fine, but just to be safe, I had back up plans for everything as far as: materials, time management, and technological issues. After I taught the first class, (it was a pretty small group) a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, I was able to clean, and prepare for round two at the end of Tuesday. I went to Mrs. Cossette's class and helped them through their ending of their Photoshop project. It was a good break from the first teaching experience to calm my nerves a bit. After lunch was my second go at teaching and I was a bit more nervous because I wanted to be sure the video taping worked the way I hoped. I was able to have a friend come in to help me record and make sure my camera was working, (of course it didnt.) and we had to use a small back up camera. It wasn't ideal, but we were able to get everything we needed recorded within the hour and a half. Thursday went very smoothly and everything I learned from the last two teaching experiences all came together and the class went very smoothly. It was a wonderful, wonderful experience. It made me very excited to hear the feedback of the students as they were working. Most of their projects thus far, from my understanding, have mostly been more realistic, but I thought it was a fun opportunity to add in a bit of abstractionism and some were doubtful at first but ended up creating gorgeous pieces. I was very proud of Mrs. Barry's students!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Craig High School - Mrs. Barry

Today was a full class day so there were all eight class periods throughout the day. It was our second day working on the abstraction project. Some students that were finishing before others, I offered advice as options to add to their current pieces but if they were truly feeling done with the project, they were able to work on their portrait projects that are due before their semester is over. After first hour, Mrs. Barry reminded me of how we want to display these and that we needed to cut mats for their projects. So, During the other hours of the day, I was able to cut around 80 mats individually. It was tedious but I know it will pay off when we display the final project. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Craig High School, Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Cossette

Today was my last day. Honestly, I am kind of sad about it. It was a really rewarding experience. I loved getting to meet the students and make a connection with them artistically and for some, a bit more personally. It was also the day that students were to finish their projects and put their mat on by the end of the day. Those who were finished earlier in the day were able to participate in a small group critique where they were able to discuss color, composition, line, as well as other elements of design. After they all finished, we put them in piles according to classes and graded them throughout the day. Today was also the day that Mrs. Cossette introduced a new project to her digital students and I was able to give a quick introduction to text and font and how to incorporate it into their next projects. I had a wonderful time with all of the teachers and students during this experience and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store!