I have not been in session now that I am back from break. Our class met to discuss the next step in our Practicum work. It has been interesting to see what everyone has been up to. I have learned my schedule for the upcoming semester and it will hopefully work out with my next placements. My placement at Hopkins with Randi Rood will hopefully be starting soon at the beginning of  February. I haven't received and verification from her on the official start date though. I am kind of nervous that I won't start on time. My placement with Susan has also been going well, we have been in contact and I will hopefully start this placement in April. 

The week of January 25th was our second week of school. It has been pretty busy so far. I am hopeful that I won't get overwhelmed too quickly in the semester. I found that I am going to hopefully enjoy my Illustrated Notebook class a lot. As far as this class goes, I am meeting with Susan next week to chat at Mojo's cafe. I am excited to meet her and get to know her before we work together in April. I have yet to hear back from Hopkins, Randi or Deb and this has me a little concerned considering I was hoping to start this upcoming week.