Monday and Tuesday, December 21 and 22, 2015

Craig High School - Mrs. Barry, Mrs. Cosette, and Mrs. Kane - 12.6 hours

On Monday, Mrs. Barry was not feeling the best and so she called a substitute for the day. I introduced myself as a Teaching Artist, and told him what I do as a Teaching Artist. The interesting part about observing the sub, was during the first class, he didn't take attendance and didn't really maintain the class. He sat in the computer desk and read a book the whole hour.  I went through the rest of the classes as normal and observed Digital Art where I was able to help students achieve some interesting effects in Photoshop, so that was fun. When i returned to Mrs. Barry's classroom, I coached the sub on taking attendance, answering more questions for him, and basically helping him become acquainted with the classroom and procedures. 

Mrs. Barry returned on Tuesday and discussed some possibilities for me to teach the class, ultimately we decided to do a more abstract lesson. I was happy to see she was feeling better. Her students were working on their portraits and were getting close to finishing, which means a critique will be coming soon. Everyone is restless and excited for holiday break. A lot of students actually weren't present both days. I think a good one-third of all the classes were absent, interestingly enough though, the students who were present, were very much on task. We also were able to spend the day watching different movies of the students choice while they worked.