El Colegio - Art Classroom - 7.5 hours

This was a very good week at the school. I told the kids all about my trip and they had many questions. I showed them pictures of the Coliseum and some of the paintings by the old Masters. The students were most interested in DaVinci's work and were really excited at the close up pictures I took. They had many questions and some of the more serious art students talked about liking the idea of visiting Italy when they get to college. I talked to the students about exchange programs that many colleges offer and the scholarships that tend to go with the opportunities. We also took the quiz on the elements, most of the students did very well, but, some had clearly not studied. I decided to give those students a second chance at the quiz the following week. 

We also worked on graphic pages this week that could be put into a possible coloring book for the school. The kids spent the majority of the week on these pages but also learned blind contour and continuous line drawing. The blind contour drawings made the students laugh and they were able to see how much they rely on their eyes on their work. I told the kids that we would do many more blind contour drawings in the future to train themselves to constantly view their subjects, as many of the students look at their work more than what they are drawing.