El Colegio - 0 hours

I was given an opportunity to go to Italy on this week so I was not at El Colegio. From what I was told, the students spent the week working on portraits in charcoal. They did a combination of self portraits and portraits of their classmates. I was able to see their work when I returned and it was quite good. It looks as though the students worked very hard while I was gone and this pleased me. They were also to study the vocabulary I left with my substitute, which was a list of the elements of art. Upon my return, I was going to give them a quiz of the vocabulary words. The quiz was set up with the words and the students were to define the words. The quiz also allowed for extra credit at the end by drawing an example of value on the back. On my trip to Italy, I was able to visit The Sistine Chapel and saw all the magnificent works of art. It was very emotional and inspiring for me to be able to see the masters work up close and personal. I took a lot of pictures which I intended to share with the students upon my return. Being within inches of the brushstrokes of Michelangelo's work and Da Vinci's work brought me to tears. It was so incredible that to describe my experience in words is difficult. I planned on telling the kids all about my trip when I got back and talking to them about opportunities to go to Italy when they enter into college.